Take Action

The Road to Approval

After nearly eight years of planning, SCIG reached a critical milestone! The Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) and staff report recommending approval of the project were  released and the Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners voted to certify the FEIR recommend approval of the project to the Los Angeles City Council on March 7, 2013. The City Council is expected to vote in the coming months - and we'll need your support!

You have the opportunity to help make this project a reality and:

·         Improve air quality and health risks for the neighborhoods immediately adjacent to the site and regionally

·         Bring thousands of new jobs to our area

·         Build the greenest intermodal facility in the United States

·         Guarantee that 90% of the trucks serving the site are LNG or equivalent by 2026

·         Take millions of  truck miles a year off the I-710 Freeway

·         Ensure trucks stay on designated non-residential routes, rather than going through local neighborhoods

BNSF looks forward to building SCIG and bringing more jobs, less traffic, and improved air quality to Southern California. Make your voice heard by planning to attend the City Council hearing, encouraging your friends, family and neighbors to speak up or submitting a comment letter. In the meantime, join us on Facebook, spread the word to your contacts or submit a video!

Join the movment and take action.