Key to Getting L.A. Growing Again = Accelerate Local Rail Projects

Jim Newton recently wrote a powerful column in the Los Angeles Times about "Getting L.A. Growing Again." He interviewed a number of influential Californians to determine what could be done to grow the regional economy and concluded that key infrastructure in Los Angeles has enormous and untapped job-creating potential, including expanding the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.


As Newton noted, “the port also brims with opportunities for job-producing expansion.” He even goes so far as to mention the Southern California International Gateway (SCIG), writing, "a proposed rail loading yard near the port has hung in limbo for more than seven years... Approving it would create construction jobs right away and, by speeding commerce through the port, exponentially add to the workforce in Southern California."

With the regional economy continuing to struggle and the expansion of the Panama Canal on the horizon, it is crucial to take advantage of projects like SCIG. The reasons are clear; more jobs, less traffic, and cleaner air. For more info click here.

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